Vikings Throwbacks Are Here

Hock trying out the vikings throwbacks

The Vikings have finally announced their throwback uniforms, and they couldn’t be much better. The design pays homage to the jerseys from the 60s and 70s, and maintains the simplicity of the uniforms of that era. They also have a slight modern touch to them, which makes them look more clean cut all around. These uniforms are going to look great in games, the lighter shade of purple as the base really makes the white and yellow pop. With the Vikings throwbacks rounding out the uniform rotation, it’s hard to argue that they don’t have the best uniforms in all of the NFL. Working with that purple and yellow, you can’t really go too wrong.

Photo from Minnesota Vikings Official Website

Here to Stay

Even better, the new uniforms will be broken in week one against the Buccaneers. If the Vikings can open up the season with a dominant win in their brand new throwbacks, the hype will be at an all time high. They could turn these jerseys into a good luck charm, if they can win every time they wear them. Losing to a team they shouldn’t be losing to week one would be bad luck for the uniforms. Hopefully these jerseys will be around for a long time. Some fans have even gone as far to say that they should be the Vikings regular uniform. I believe that they are good enough for that to happen. They are legit, and something about that vintage color scheme really makes the look. Most fans probably wouldn’t complain about watching the Vikings play in these uniforms week in and week out.

Overall, these couldn’t have come out much better, and fans are definitely excited about them. It was time for the Vikings to mix up their uniform locker, and they really delivered with this first addition. 

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