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Norse Gods: Which Vikings Player is Which?

The Vikings will forever be attached to the Nordic ways, so let’s match up some players with the Norse Gods that make sense as their counterparts.


Thor – James Lynch

When most people think of Thor, they are thinking of Marvel’s version. The reality is in Norse mythology Thor looks nothing like Chris Hemsworth. He is described as a large, strong, barrel-chested man with a red beard. James Lynch fits that description, and hopefully he will use his thunderous abilities to bolster the Vikings D-Line this season.

James Lynch - Norse Gods Article

Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


Heimdall – Brian O’Neill

Heimdall is known as the watchman of the Gods, and Brian O’Neill has been watching over Kirk Cousins for a few years now. Not that Kirk is some kind of God, but you get what I mean. The theme is protection. Heimdall also possesses the Gjallarhorn, the horn that starts Ragnarok. Last season, after his untimely injury, O’Neill blew the Vikings Gjallarhorn at the start of a home game.

Photo from Minnesota Vikings Official Website


Týr – Justin Jefferson

Known as the bravest of all the Gods, Týr was the original God of War. He is also viewed as the one who decides the outcome of battles. Vikings fans know that it can sometimes seem like Justin Jefferson is similar in that way. He can be the difference maker. He will make the play that changes everything, just like Týr. Týr also only has one arm, and Jefferson knows a thing or two about making the most out of only being able to use one arm.

Photo from Harry Scull Jr.


This was fun to write, and honestly Norse Mythology/Norse Gods are super interesting and complex. I would love for the Vikings to incorporate more of it if they can in any way. That would add to the uniqueness of the Vikings franchise. If these players can play up to the abilities of their Norse God counterparts, we may be seeing the rest of the league in Valhalla after the Super Bowl. Skol!


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