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NFL Top 100 Players List Vikings Snubs

NFL Top 100 Players List, CD and O'Neill snubbed

The full NFL Top 100 Players of 2023 list is complete and this time around a mere three Vikings made the list. At 97, Harrison Smith snuck in. Kirk Cousins surprised a lot of people by landing at 42. Finally, Justin Jefferson rightfully claimed his spot at the top, behind only Patrick Mahomes. He was voted the 2nd best player in the NFL by his peers. Every year with this list there are some agreeable moments, but there are always points in the list where no one can get on the same page. Well, Vikings fans are used to those points. Some Vikings players were snubbed, and definitely deserved to make this list. Let’s take a look at those players.


T.J. Hockenson

Hockenson came in at number 105, being placed in the “players who just missed the cut list”. Understandably, it is likely harder to fit in a lot of tight ends into this list. However, Hockenson came to the team and dominated for the remainder of the season. He was playing the position as well as anyone in the league, barring maybe Kelce. This should have earned him a spot this year, but now hopefully he will have this as motivation for next year.


Christian Darrisaw

Vikings fans know how much CD stepped up last season. He was playing at a high level every time he stepped on the field. He is on track to become the next Trent Williams. Which is bold to say, but he truly is an anchor on the Vikings O-line. The rest of the league may not see it this way, but Vikings fans will all tell you how much this guy deserves to be on this list.


Brian O’Neill

Darrisaw’s partner in crime. O’Neill had another solid year last year. He has also been a key piece of the Vikings offensive line for his time here. One of the premier offensive tackles in the league, in our minds he deserves a spot.


Danielle Hunter

This one is surprising, but not surprising. Hunter has battled injury for a few seasons and had a decent year last year. Hopefully he can put together a return to domination on his new deal, as well as stay healthy. He should comfortably find himself a spot on the top 100 next year if he can do that.


Obviously, we’re a little biased, but these guys deserved to make the NFL Top 100 Players list. Their peers will have no choice but to agree after next season, hopefully.

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