Will TJ Hockenson Get Extended by the Vikings?

The Vikings have some decisions to be made in the near future. Most of them have to do with contract extensions for their star players, and Viking’s GM once called these situations “champagne problems.” Especially when it comes to superstar WR Justin Jefferson, who will most definitely get a massive extension in the coming months, weeks, or even days. Vikings left tackle Christian Darrisaw will also be in line for an extension, as the former first rounder is making his way towards elite status. But the player we are going to focus on in this article, is tight end TJ Hockeson.


The former Lion was a top draft selection out of Iowa just a few short years ago, but he hadn’t really lived up to his expectations in the motor city. Kwesi Adofo-Mensah saw an opportunity at the trade deadline last fall and he pounced on the talented tight end. Hockenson played 10 games for the Vikings in 2022 and almost instantly became Kirk Cousins’ favorite target behind Justin Jefferson. The Vikings haven’t had a tight end like Hockenson in the entirety of their franchise, a player with his speed, yards after catch ability, hands, and route running do not come around too often. The scary thing is, he’s only scratching the surface of his potential.

So will the Vikings extend TJ Hockenson? The team out of Minnesota gave up a good amount of draft capital to get him last October, most notably a 2nd rounder in this past April’s draft. It would be very hard for Kevin O’Connell to pass on an opportunity to lock him for the foreseeable future, as he slotted in to the Vikings offense with ease and already has chemistry with Vikings QB Kirk Cousins. In my opinion, its not if the Vikings extend Hock, but when.

One thought on “Will TJ Hockenson Get Extended by the Vikings?

  1. Bjornson Carole says:

    Sure hope we keep him. Proved he is gifted and there when need sure hands. Now fan favorite.

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