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Kirk Cousins Teases Bizarre Scenario

Today Kirk Cousins said something that caught a lot of Vikings fans off guard. Just days after the release of Dalvin Cook, Cousins opened the door for the off-chance of a reunion between Cook and the Vikings. This would be a strange twist in the off-season, but whether or not it would be a welcome twist is for you to decide. Cousins full quote, “I’m excited to see where he goes, I’ll always be pulling for him and I’m kind of optimistically hoping maybe we get him back. Who knows? Maybe there is an outside chance. We’ll see.”

It starts to become a bit more realistic when looking at what Dalvin Cook is after in terms of money. It could turn out that he doesn’t receive an offer that lines up with what he wants. Which could then lead to him coming back to Minneapolis and agreeing to what might have been offered before the release.

I personally wouldn’t be against a reunion, if it is at the right price. Cook likely still has one or two more years of above average production, and if the deal is around that length, there is an argument to be made to bring him back.

Of course, this is all speculation. Yet it does mean something that Cousins was the one to put the idea out there. Time will tell for the scenario, and I don’t believe Cook or the Vikings are in too much of a hurry. Definitely an interesting update that fans will surely pay close attention to in the coming weeks.

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