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Kirk Cousins Can Win Minnesota a Super Bowl

Kirk Cousins

Hot topic incoming. Per usual. And his name is Kirk Cousins. One of the most polarizing sports figures in the NFL, for no good reason. That’s not taking anything away from Kirk Cousins, as he’s just a boring Dad who lives a pretty boring life, and drives a conversion van to work. But Kirk Cousins is consistently bashed, especially by NFL media.

One of the most consistent and durable quarterbacks in the NFL, Kirk Cousins is severely underrated. Cousins led the Vikings to 13 wins last season and a division title. Along with Justin Jefferson, Cousins was one of the best players on Minnesota’s roster last season. While leading the Vikings to an incredible record, he also led the purple to NINE game winning drives, tying an NFL record. Cousins had a down year statistic wise but still threw for 29 touchdowns and over 4,000 yards. A second year in Kevin O’Connell’s system should spike Cousins’ stats and hopefully maintain a high level of winning.

The narrative of Kirk not being good enough to win a Super Bowl is severely lazy, and is a take that should be retired. As EPSN “analyst” Ryan Clark doesn’t believe Kirk is the guy.

Kirk Cousins has always been a consistent factor in the Vikings offense, and will continue to be in 2023. With weapons galore, another year in O’Connell’s system, along with an offensive line that is together for another season. Cousins is ready to lead the Vikings to another successful season.

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