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Is This the Year Justin Jefferson Does It?

Justin Jefferson

Justin Jefferson has had one of the greatest starts to a career in the history of the NFL. The crazy part is, he probably hasn’t reached his full potential yet. Which is why he could possibly make history in the upcoming season. He’s back in action in Minnesota and ready to get going.

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Always Getting Better

Each year that JJ has been in the league, he has improved statistically. Every season has seen an increase of roughly 200 yards more than the last. Last year, he was able to accumulate 1,809 yards, the most in the league. He did this while having games where he was “shut down” by either a defense selling out to stop him, or the Vikings just having an all around bad game. One of those problems can be solved this season, because if teams sell out to stop him, then they will be punished for it. With the addition of Jordan Addison, the Vikings offense should threaten anyone who wants to focus on Jefferson too much. Of course T.J. Hockenson and K.J. Osborn will pose threats of their own as well.

History Made

With all of that being said, Justin Jefferson will be able to make history. This new freedom on offense will allow him to catch for over 2,000 yards, breaking the record held by Calvin Johnson. Winning him his second straight Offensive Player of the Year award. Vikings fans will once again argue that he deserves the MVP, and there may be a better case for that this year.

Another Personal Best

Jefferson also isn’t known for having crazy amounts of touchdowns. That could also change this year. With Thielen gone, JJ will be targeted in the redzone much more. He will score more this season than any of the seasons prior. It’s going to be a big year, and Justin Jefferson will be looking to cement himself as the number one receiver in all of football.

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