Four Things to Look for in Netflix’s New Show, “Quarterback”

Kirk Cousins is about to be a Netflix star. From the makers of “Drive to Survive,” the show that probably made your friends obsessed with F1 racing, comes “Quarterback,” a new series that will provide Netflix subscribers with a behind-the-scenes look at the 2022 NFL season through the eyes of Kirk Cousins, Patrick Mahomes and Marcus Mariota.

While the show will debut on July 12, the adrenaline-fueled trailer dropped online yesterday.

As shown in the earliest moments of the trailer, “Quarterbackwill not only feature NFL Films-esque sideline sights and sounds, but also offer a glimpse into the game planning of an NFL quarterback and even the family life that comes with playing a violent sport.

As one of the more polarizing quarterbacks in the NFL, Kirk Cousins’ scenes in the series will provide NFL fans plenty of fodder for discussion. For Vikings fans though, “Quarterback” will present an intriguing look at how QB1 operates on and off the field.

Here are 4 things Vikings fans should look for when tuning intoQuarterback.”

How Does Kirk Take Care of His Body?

While Cousins’ level of play is a widely debated topic, there is one aspect of his game that is inarguably elite – his availability. Yes, I’m knocking on wood while I write this, but Cousins has never missed NFL game due to injury. This remained true in 2022 despite Cousins being sacked 46 times, third most in the NFL, and hit as throwing second most in the NFL, per Pro Football Focus,

“Quarterbackwill surely dive into the physical challenges of the position and it will be intriguing to see how Cousins takes care of his body to keep himself healthy even while taking big hits on a weekly basis.

Does Julie Cousins Really Dress Kirk?

After completing the largest comeback in NFL history in Week 15, a purple-suited Cousins bashfully addressed the media and proclaimed that his wife dresses him.

Whether this is true or was simply a self-deprecating joke will need to be revealed in “Quarterback.” Beyond just Kirk’s wardrobe choices, Julie Cousins is sure to play a large role throughout the series. Vikings fans should be excited to get to know Kirk better by getting to see his family life and how he combats the struggles of being a public figure while navigating his desire to be a family-first man.

How Does Kirk’s Preparation Compare to NFL MVP, Patrick Mahomes?

One of the most eye-catching aspects of “Quarterback” is its broad cast of players. From age to personality to playstyle and success, Cousins, Mahomes and Mariota run a wide gamut of NFL experiences. The series will likely depict the differences and similarities that each quarterback has in play style, but for Vikings fans the most intriguing part of the comparison should be how Cousins’ preparation compares to the two-time MVP. It will be fascinating to see how Cousins differs from the league’s best in the only aspect of the game in which they have 100% control.

The Making of Kirko Chains

I mean…what else needs to be said. Here’s to hoping that Netflix was able to get a producer on the team plane home from Buffalo.

“Quarterback” will premiere on Netflix on July 12.

Feature image courtesy of Netflix

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