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Don’t Expect a Justin Jefferson Contract Extension Anytime Soon


The Vikings have a big decision to make regarding their franchise cornerstone WR Justin Jefferson. It’s only a matter of time before the Vikings make Jefferson the highest paid non quarterback in the NFL. But when will this situation exactly play itself out? Minnesota doesn’t exactly have to be in a rush to get the deal done, as Jefferson still has two years left on his rookie deal. The superstar wide receiver is only making $2.4M in 2023, which is obviously way under his value, but that’s how rookie contracts play out. Jefferson will see a pay bump in his final year of his rookie contract, but in 2025 his big time extension will kick in which will more than likely reach up to $30M-$35M per season.

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, the Vikings are in no hurry to reach a contract extension. “Could be big money on the way at some point. The Vikings believe that he’s a cornerstone player, the best receiver in the league. They want to sign him to an extension at some point,” ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler said this past weekend on Sportscenter. “Two potential hurdles in the way, though. He’s only three years into a rookie deal that has two years left with a fifth-year option, so not in a major rush to do it right now. And then the market for receivers, you’re looking at around $30 million or more.” It’s very obvious that this will be a huge financial hurdle the Vikings will have to play around for the foreseeable future, but Jefferson is worth the money and worth the burden. He’s the best receiver in the game, and there’s no debate.

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