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Another year, another Danielle Hunter training camp debacle. This offseason was bombarded with an “everything must go” mentality on defense. Yet fans are split on whether Danielle Hunter should be a part of that. Some believe that he is too much of a valuable piece of the defense to let go. Others think that the Vikings should be trying to get whatever value for him that they can.



It has become clear that Hunter has no intentions of playing under his current contract. However, he surprisingly reported to Minnesota for training camp on day one. It has since been realized that he is performing a “hold in”. So far the energy coming out of the organization is that the two sides are working together, and maintaining a high level of class in this situation. Danielle Hunter is a monster, and it would be hard to argue that losing him in any way is worth the cost.


Trade Still On The Table?

On the other hand, on July 29th it was reported that the Vikings are officially open to trading Danielle Hunter, again. This implies that they have yet to come close to an extension that both sides are happy with. Vikings fans seem open to this idea, even though they may prefer to keep him around. If the team can get good value for him a trade may be best, but that is the catch for the situation, value. In the worst case scenario, the star pass rusher is traded to the Bears. Kwesi Adofo-Mensah has shown that he is not afraid to trade in-division. The Bears are in dire need of some talent on their defensive line, and they do have the capital to go after a big name. Playing Hunter twice a year would not be the ideal end to this saga.


No one has concrete beliefs on what exactly will come out of this. Yet speculation is fun for Vikings fans and fans of teams that want a guy like Hunter. Personally, I believe keeping him is the best way to maximize the potential for the 2023 defense, and losing him would be too much of a blow to this young group. Hopefully, a raise is in order for the three time pro bowler.

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