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Brandon Powell Standing Out at Vikings Training Camp; Jalen Reagor Roster Spot in Jeopardy?

The Vikings made a sneaky signing early in the off-season and I wouldn’t doubt it if most people didn’t even know Brandon Powell was on this team. But he’s making a name for himself early in training camp. Powell not only has done a great job fielding punts, but he’s also made a difference in the pass game, hauling in multiple impressive catches throughout the first few days of camp. Powell is a small guy, measuring in at 5’ 8”, but he’s very crisp with his routes and is shifty after the catch. The former Ram is a welcome sight at camp. The Vikings have had some great outside receivers, but they’ve truly lacked a slot presence that can constantly get open. Will Brandon Powell be that guy? Only time will tell.

Jalen Reagor against the Eagles

Powell is more than likely fighting for a spot with Jalen Reagor. I’m not so sure that they would keep both, as they are very similar players. Both of them can return punts, and they are very good after the catch. Reagor had trouble running routes last season, which led to a few mistakes from quarterback Kirk Cousins. If Powell can create chemistry with Cousins and is impressive in the return game, will he jump Reagor in the depth chart?

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